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Swath pilot boat under Belgian flag - Swath-loodsboot onder Belgische vlag - Bateau-pilote swath sous pavillon belge

Today a first Swath pilot boat called WESTDIEP (IMO 9568988) has been registered on the Belgian register of seagoing ships. 'Swath' stands for 'small waterplane area twin hull'.The registration was effected on the request of NV Wandelaar Invest in its capacity as disponent owner. Two more pilot tenders named WIELINGEN and WESTERSCHELDE and a pilot station vessel named WANDELAAR are expected to be registered under Belgian flag as soon as they are also delivered by the German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen.'s picture

Ship mortgages and rights in rem on ships - Zakelijke rechten en hypotheken op schepen - Droits réels et hypothèques sur navires

On 29 March 2011 a colloquium was organised in Antwerp to discuss a further chapter of the draft Belgian code of navigation regarding rights 'in rem' and mortgages. This colloquium took place in the context of the public consultation the draft code is to be submitted to. The ship mortgage registrar was also invited to share his reflections with the maritime stakeholders. The Dutch language text of his address is in attachment.'s picture

Bareboat charterer and operator - Exploitatie en rompbevrachting - Exploitation et affrètement coque nue

The Belgian ship mortgage registrar has written a contribution for the 'Liber Amicorum Free on Board'  which was presented on March 31, 2011  to the Antwerp University maritime law professor Marc Huybrechts on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The registrar's Dutch language paper deals with the position of the operator and bareboat charterer under Belgian ship registration law. The paper is in attachment.'s picture

New Belgian code of navigation - Nieuw Belgisch scheepvaartwetboek - Nouveau code belge de la navigation

The text of the draft Belgian Code of Navigation is to be presented to the maritime stakeholders and to the wider public concerned at an academic conference that will take place at the Ghent university on Tuesday 18 January 2011. With a view to submitting the different chapters of the draft code to a public consultation, the Belgian maritime law commission will organise in the months ahead several seminars in Ghent, Antwerp, Liège and Zeebruges.'s picture

UNCTAD - Maritime Transport - 2010 Review

The 2010 Unctad Review of Maritime Transport is available on this site (>Downloads > Unctad). 

Het verslag (2010) van de Unctad over het zeevervoer kan in het Engels geraadpleegd worden op deze site (>Downloads > Unctad).

L'etude sur les transports maritimes (2010) de la CNUCED peut être consultée en anglais sur ce site ( > Downloads > Unctad).'s picture

Belgian anti-piracy regime - Bestrijding van piraterij - Lutte contre la piraterie

The last Transport Insurance magazine of the Belgian daily De Lloyd has published an interesting feature about the new anti-piracy regime in Belgium. It was written by the Antwerp lawyer Frank Stevens. The article is only attached/downloadable for registered users.'s picture

INOK Shipping NV

The Belgian company INOK Shipping has become  the latest member of the Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association. During 2010 INOK Shipping already bareboat chartered 4 general cargo ships under the Belgian flag. The names of the vessels registered on the Belgian bareboat charter register are: SV.Apostol Andrey (IMO 9247601 - BE 02.00024.2010) & Rusich 10 (IMO 9368247 - BE 02.00025.2010) & SV.Georgiy Pobedonosets (IMO 9247637 - BE 02.00026.2010) & RUSICH-6 (IMO 9345714 - BE 02.00028.2010). Their pictures are posted on this site > Images.'s picture

Paris MOU considers Belgian flag quality flag - België heeft kwaliteitsvlag - La Belgique a un pavillon de qualité

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) has ranked Belgian-flagged ships as low risk ships (LRS). Under the new inspection regime to become effective on 1 January 2011 LRS will be rewarded with longer inspection intervals by port state control. LRS, in principle, shall be inspected after 24 months and shall be inspected when calling at a Paris MoU port after 36 months.'s picture

LNGRV tanker EXEMPLAR (IMO 9444649) under Belgian flag

The LNGRV tanker EXEMPLAR (IMO 9444649) was registered on the Belgian register of seagoing ships under registration No 01.00764.2010 on 30 September 2010. The 100,361 GT tanker is owned by the Brussels based shipping company NV Exemplar. - De gastanker EXEMPLAR met IMO-nr.9444649 werd geregistreerd in het Belgisch register der zeeschepen onder registratienr.01.00764.2010 op 30 september 2010. Dit tankschip met een brutotonnenmaat van 100361 ton is eigendom van de te Brussel gevestigde reder NV Exemplar.'s picture

MINERAL NEW YORK (IMO 9519767) joins Belgian fleet

The bulkcarrier MINERAL NEW YORK (IMO 9519767) was registered on the Belgian register of seagoing ships under registration No 01.00758.2010 on 23 July 2010. The 91,971 GT bulkcarrier is owned by the Antwerp based shipping company NV Bocimar Interational. - De bulkcarrier MINERAL NEW YORK met IMO-nr.9519767 werd geregistreerd in het Belgisch register der zeeschepen onder registratienr.01.00758.2010 op 23 juli 2010. Dit vrachtschip met een brutotonnenmaat van 91971 ton is eigendom van de te Antwerpen gevestigde reder NV Bocimr International.

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