Corporate income tax

For a good overview of the Belgian corporate income tax system the reader can be referred to the Tax Survey (from page 85 onwards) that is published by the Belgian Department of Finance on its website:

A copy of this tax survey can be downloaded from this site (see Downloads > Overview of tax legislation in Belgium).

The attention of shipowning companies is especially drawn to the advangeous tax regime applying to “notional interests” or “allowance for corporate equity” (see pages 100 & 101 of Tax Survey 2015 - # 2.3.6).
This tax regime allows companies to deduct a notional interest calculated on the basis of their corporate equity from their taxable profits.
This measure reinforces the companies’ net assets by lessening the fiscal discrimination existing until now between financing through own resources and financing through debt.
It undoubtedly makes the Belgian tax system very interesting for foreign investors.