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Geschiedenis van hypotheekbewaarders - History of mortgage registrars - Histoire des conservateurs des hypothèques

The end of 2016 saw the release of  the book 'Hypotheekbewaarders in België: meer dan 200 jaar geschiedenis' (= Mortgage registrars in Belgium: a history of more than 200 years) by Guido De Latte. This book relates the history of both mortgage registrars and registries in Belgium since 1795. It also contains an extensive  list of names of all Belgian registrars as well as a list of all mortgage registries that ever existed in Belgium.

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Retirement - Pensionering - Mise à la retraite

The present ship mortgage registrar, Mr Guido De Latte, retires on 1 November 2016. For the remainder of this year the registry will be run by an acting registrar appointed by the Federal public service of Finance. As from 1 January 2017 an Advisor-General to be appointed by the Federal public service of Mobility and Transport will be put in charge of the new 'Belgian Registry'.
It is pointed out that this website will not be updated any more after 1 November 2016.

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Belgian Ship Registry - Belgisch Scheepsregister

Einde 2016 houdt de scheepshypotheekbewaring binnen de FOD Financiën op te bestaan. De bevoegdheden en taken van de bewaring zullen worden overgedragen naar een nieuwe dienst 'Belgisch Scheepsregister' binnen DG Maritiem Vervoer van de FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer. De kantoren van de nieuwe dienst zullen zijn gevestigd te 2600 Berchem, Posthoflei 5. Eén en ander moet nog wettelijk en reglementair geregeld worden.

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Unctad 2014 Maritime Profile for Belgium

Unctad has published a maritime profile of Belgium. The profile is based upon data refecting the 2014 situation and was generated on 29 March 2016.
It can be consulted via:
A pdf copy can also be looked up or be downloaded via this site (>downloads>unctad).

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New download - Unctad Review Maritime Transport 2015

A new document has been added to 'Downloads': the Unctad Review of Maritime Transport 2015.
The document contains important information ready to be consulted at any time.

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New downloads - Unctad Review Maritime Transport 2014 - Belgian Tax Survey 2015

Two new documents have been added to 'Downloads': the Unctad Review of Maritime Transport 2014, and the Belgian Tax Review 2015. Both documents contain important information ready to be consulted at any time.


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Fees - Lonen - Salaires

The fees charged by the registry will be changed as from January 1st, 2015, following indexation. The topic 'Fees'(> Tariff) will be updated. The downloadable documents concerned will be changed asap. A list containing the new fees is attached.

De hypothecaire lonen worden op 1 januari 2015 geïndexeerd. De rubriek 'Fees'(Lonen-Tarief) wordt bijgewerkt. De betreffende downloadbare documenten worden zodra mogelijk aangepast.
Een nieuwe lijst van de hypothecaire lonen wordt hierbij reeds aangehecht.

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The importance of navigation, the relevance of maritime law and the differences between land registration and ship registration

The ELRA 2014 Annual Publication contains a paper by the Belgian ship mortgage registrar. The paper is titled "Some considerations about the importance of navigation, about the international relevance and peculiarities of maritime law and about the differences between land registration and ship registration".
An extract of the ELRA publication with the text of the paper concerned is attached hereto.'s picture

7 Euronav VLCCs under Belgian flag - 7 Euronav olietankers onder Belgische vlag - 7 pétroliers d'Euronav sous pavillon belge

Since the beginning of June, five (5) very large crude carriers have been registered under Belgian flag. Three of them belong to Euronav Shipping NV (Antwerp) and the two others belong to Euronav Tankers NV (Antwerp). The tankers were purchased from Maersk Tankers Singapore Pte Ltd at the start of this year. The ships concerned are: NEWTON (IMO 9358292 - BE 01.00826.2014), ILMA (IMO 9588392 - BE 01.00829.2014), INGRID (IMO 9529956 - BE 01.00830.2014), NOBLE (IMO 9358280 - BE 01.00831.2014) and SIMONE (IMO 9537769 - BE 01.00832.2014).'s picture

Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association - 2013 Annual report

The Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association (KBRV) has published its 2013 annual report. The report contains useful information about the Belgian merchant fleet and the activities of Belgian shipping companies in 2013 ( The document is attached to this feature (only downloadable for registered users).

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